The Suavecito Story

Bill Foss bought a large agave farm in the year 2002. Initially, he bought it just to be an agave farmer. Bill’s first crop was mature and ready to harvest in 2008. But he was unable to sell his plants due to the recession in the US which had a tremendous effect on the country of Mexico. Rather than allowing his plants to die Bill decided to make Tequila… This is where Suavecito’s story begins.
After years of research, and working with experts from the wine and alcohol industries, Bill came up with the formula for the world’s smoothest tequila. Suavecito is the creation of Bill’s imagination, creativity, and hard work. Suavecito will change the way you think about and drink Tequila, with its bold and unique take on the Tequila tradition.

 The world´s Smoothest Tequila with Agave Nectar.

Suavecito’s Blue Agave is grown in the red soil of the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico at a 7000ft Altitude. Suavecito staffs a team of growers that regularly test the soil to ensure only the best of growing conditions. Our plants are slightly smaller, contain less water and produce a higher quality sugar. Suavecito is dedicated to starting with the highest quality ingredients.

Suavecito needs to be distilled only once to produce a smooth 100% authentic taste. This ensures that Suavecito produces maximum flavor and maximum aroma.

Suavecito is the only Tequila that adds 2% Agave nectar back into our Tequila. This essentially eliminates the “burn” going down your throat and makes Suavecito The world’s smoothest Tequila

Proprietary barrels contribute unique flavors and distinct characteristics to Suavecito. Suavecito is rested in specially selected American Oak barrels to ensure that it’s 100% smooth. Suavecito Reposado is aged 6-8 months. Suavecito Anejo is aged a full year and a half. This extra aging is more factor that adds to our smoothness and unique qualities.