Mountain Grown

Our Blue Agave is grown in the red soil of the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. These Highlands are particularly well suited to growing the Suavecito Blue Agaves. Our plants are slightly smaller, contain less water and produce a higher quality sugar.

Distilled Only Once

We start with quality ingredients. We staff a team of growers that regularly test the soil to ensure only the best of growing conditions. Suavecito needs to be distilled only once to produce a smooth and 100% authentic taste.

Rested in American Oak Barrels

Different barrels contribute unique flavors and distinct characteristics to Suavecito. Suavecito is rested in specially selected American Oak barrels to ensure that it’s 100% smooth.


Award winning fresh and un-aged taste. 35% ALC

This incredibly delicious tequila is very mix-friendly and can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

Appearance: crystal clear – medium tears
Aroma: vanilla and agave, olive and fig
Initial Taste: light floral and sweet agave

Spirit Body: citrus

Finish / Aftertaste: long mild mint finish, hint of sweet agave in the aftertaste


Rested for 6 to 8 months in specially selected American Oak barrels, pure one time distilled, light amber, 35% ALC

Suavecito Reposado is best enjoyed straight, with a pairing of almost any mixer, and makes an incredible Margarita.

Appearance: amber tint medium straw – medium tears

Aroma: agave and spice, light wood / bourbon
Initial Taste: agave, hint of cherry
Spirit Body: woody agave

Finish / Aftertaste: sweet wooded finish, light vanilla / caramel aftertaste


Only made with specially selected mountain grown premium agave, rested for 14 to 18 months in the finest American Oak barrels. Super premium, golden warm, amber, 35% ALC

Suavecito Añejo is true premium sipping tequila. Enjoyed by true tequila connoisseurs worldwide, it is best sipped from a champagne flute as to maximize the flavor and distinct oak aroma.

Appearance: copper, rosy hues – slow tears
Aroma: sweet agave, wood & cherry
Initial Taste: burnt sugar and agave
Spirit Body: agave, vegetal with light smoky wood
Finish / Aftertaste: mint and chocolate finish, sweet aftertaste

Award Winning

Suavecito is produced from Highland grown Agaves containing the highest concentration of sugar possible. Suavecito is 100% Blue Agave and is combined with a touch of agave nectar during distillation so that it can be enjoyed straight, in your favorite cocktail or margarita recipe.

Forget the salt, forget the lime, finally, you can enjoy what you drink.

The World's Smoothest